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The foundation stone laying ceremony for the new office building

In July, 2012, the booming sun symbolizes the prosperous prospect of Changzhou Elevator Factory Co., Ltd. Colored flags fly in the plant, firecrackers sound together. Accompanied by Changzhou city leaders’ loud words, "the new office building of Changzhou Elevator Factory Co., Ltd. starts”, leaders in municipal supervision bureau wielded shovels to lay the foundation for the office building of Changzhou Elevator Factory Co., Ltd. The start is the first step in the company’s implementation of strategic investment, also the starting point of new development, and will lay a solid foundation for the further expansion of domestic and foreign markets. It is believed that after the completion of the new office, the company will develop to a new level. Looking to the future, based on the present, people in Changzhou Elevator adhere to the business philosophy of "serve customers, contribute to society and develop our own with mature technology and reliable product quality" full of ambition, take the purpose of better meeting the needs of multi-level customers, and continue to develop forward on the road in the pursuit of elevator brand and elevator quality!

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